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Mohammad Dheere: Baidoa‎ Unfit For Parliament’s Meeting‎

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Mohammad Dheere: Baidoa ‎Unfit For Parliament’s Meeting‎

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By Somalilandtimes network

Jowhar, February 11, 2006 – Asked about Somalia’s “parliamentary” meeting scheduled to take place in Feb.26 in Baidoa, Mohammed Omar Habeeb (Mohammed Dheere), the man who controls the town of Jawhar said, “the only reason to go to Baidoa is to give condolences”. This was a roundabout way of saying he was opposed to holding the meeting in Baidoa, a position that he later expressed in more explicit terms.

Many Somalis interpreted Mohammed Dheere’s reference to “condolences” as a warning that there will be bloodshed if the meeting takes place there. Most Somalis don’t see Mohammed Dheere’s statement as far-fetched, because the last time Somalia’s parliament met in Nairobi, a vicious fight broke out among the “parliamentarians”, and much blood was spilled. This took place in a five stars hotel. It is easy to imagine a lot more blood flowing in perpetually contested Baidoa.

Ali Geedi “the prime minister” of Somalia’s dysfunctional government who is a kinsman and a close ally of Mohammed Dheere, has also rejected holding the meeting in Baidoa.

Most observers agree that Mohammed Dheere and Ali Gedi are afraid that if the parliament meets in Baido, which will be their first meeting in over a year, they may decide to make Baidoa their permanent home.

Mohammed Dheere has accused one of Mogadishu’s warlords, Qanyare Afrah, and Kismayo’s warlord, Barre Hiraale, of being behind a plot to move the parliament to Baidoa.

Both Mohammed Dheere and Ali Geedi feel betrayed by warlord Abdillahi Yusuf “the president” for agreeing to hold the meeting in Baidoa, and as a result their relations have been strained since then.

Source: Somaliland Times

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