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Who Is Bashir Raghe Chirar?‎‎

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Who Is Bashir Raghe Chirar?

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By Ahmed Egal

Bashir Raghe Chirar is an action-oriented and result-oriented person. He is a doer and a daunting pioneer.

Mr. Bashir is a very successful businessman in Somalia who has risen to the top by his vision, sheer dynamism, and superb organizational skills. He is a self-made man, and today his creations provide employment to over 2500 people from East Africa to the Middle East and Somalia. The birth and growth of his business took place because of his vision, dynamism, and his ability to put people in the proper places in the business.

Mr. Bashir’s strong support to Somaliland and its People’s right to reclaim their independence and nullify the unscrupulous union with Somalia is well known, because he is a no-nonsense man.

Bashir belongs to the latter New Brave Generation of leaders who are against the leaders of the past and their unrealistic theories of status quo. These age old so-called leaders like Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed and his aficionados that made fool out of their people and with illusionary vision lead to fiasco politics. Mr. Bashir Raghe, and many others of the bold new brave generation have called for new solution to old problems. We have heard their emphatic appeals to the TFG and its politicians of the past, to come out from its hideouts in Embaghetti and Baidoa and face the reality in Republic of Somaliland Mogadishu.

Bashir is one of the few who boldly but constructively talks about the visionless fascist leader of the TFG, Abdillahi Yusuf and his disciples who applause his utter ignorance.

He stands and supports democratic forces and severely critical about TFG, but optimistic that Mogadishu will one day be victorious and get a new good leader, which it deserves after more than a decade of foul play. Sure that new leader shall be found in among the bold new era generation.

Mr. Bashiir Raghe Chirar, your support to your brethren Somaliland Republic and its peoples, which is resulting from your clear vision, shall be remembered for a long time to come. You have spoken at a time when visionless TFG and its so-called unelected representative were busy on condemning the Republic of Somaliland, instead of congratulating it, and then addressing the insurmountable problems in their own yard. You bold action of support will enlighten many who are in Baidoa and elsewhere, and for sure they will realize that there is someone who had guts and spelled out the historical facts that they were heinously trying deny and hide!

Mr. Bashir, definitely you know more about the incompetence overtrading the TFG representatives in Baidoa, because they don’t represent their people, instead they represent their mere personal greed. Facist Abdillahi Yusuf is in denial of the reality that has opened in front of him. He resorted to make an ostrich hide.

It grieves us how beleaguered masses of Mogadishu are, and we support your struggle to justice no matter how hard. Partially, the turbulence in Mogadishu is mass resistance administered by the realistic forces of the new era opposing forces of the past injustice. Had that been not the case Fascists of the past would have devoured on its carcasses long time ago. It is true that the 15 years of struggle in Mogadishu has posed some sort of negative effects and had made an impression that some of its top leaders were competing on looting the country. In most of the cases it is not like that. However, it is time to come together and solve differences. Just make sure that once you remove many road stumbles to bring the necessary reform and justice. As I understand that it won't be possible immediately. But do keep it up to your level.

Bashir Raghe Chirar, Weedheen Ha Yeedho!


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