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Is Somaliland A Democratic State

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Ahmed Abdi

Democracy means people power. It is narrowly defined where the citizens freely elect their leaders. To have that status there are conditions to be met.

There must be institutions that independently safeguard rule of law. In this regard the segregation of law making parliament, executive branch and judiciary is a must. Does that exist in Somaliland?

The unmassaged truth is there is no such segregation. The President appoints all judges and fires at will. He has the power to reject any law passed by the parliament. He is under no obligation to come to the House of Parliament for questioning. He appoints and fires at will Governor of Central Bank, Auditor General, Police and Military commanders, all regional Governors, and even all Local Government Chief Executives, despite the fact there are local elected councillors.

The national budget covers only 55% of the national income and expenditure. The president directly receives cash collected from Berber port, excise on petrol and gas, all cash collected as airport duties. This cashed in a real safe inside the bedroom of the president. That is not accounted for and it is spent by presidents will. Mostly it is paid to his friends and family, as well as bribing influential chiefs and personalities. He pays UDUB party executive with a salary double of ministers. He tries to buy every person he thinks of threat with that unlimited, unaccounted fund.

The President orders who has to be jailed, no question asked. He imprisoned journalist who asked a question, he jailed a Sultan that expressed his opinion; he jailed old women who asked where their husbands are. The Police are under his thump, and individual rights are non existent. He has the power to pardon criminals and imprison innocents. Recently he pardoned over 600 convicted criminals, when thousands are waiting for justice in years.

The President’s salary is $500,000 a year, making him the highest paid president. Well over American and British leaders. Contrast that with total budget for the entire country of just $28 million for the fiscal year 2006, this is for a total population estimated 3.5 million.

50% of the country is annexed by neighbouring Puntland and over of a territory of 75% is economically under the direction of Mogadishu, as in that area the local currency is that of Mogadishu. Exchange rate is set by Bakaraha market of Mogadishu.

Hold on I am not an opposition party member. Believe you me I am a prominent UDUB member and also I am from Awdal and voted for President Royal.

To his credit none of these problems are created by Rayale. He inherited them from late President Egal. And to both tribalists in Awdal and in rest of Somaliland, you should know neither Rayale nor the Parliament can act all alone. It needs cooperation and sense of nationalism to correct these depilating issues. Without that, neither our democracy nor our nationhood will be able to survive. Think for the common good and save Somaliland.

Ahmed Abdi <marodijex@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:


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