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Issue 395

Front Page

News Headlines

Hargeysa University Graduation Ceremony Draws Somaliland Politicians Closer

Somaliland Opposition Rally

Edna Hospital Receives Donations

UAE Lifts Ban On Somali Cattle

Ethiopian Minister Of State For Foreign Affairs Arrives In Somaliland

Deep Concern At Prospect Of One-Party Race In Somaliland Presidential Vote, Says Progressio

Puntland Interior Minister Defends Pirates

Somalia Parliamentarians Challenge Sheikh Sharif’s Government

Local and Regional Affairs

Lord Avebury Writes To The British Government

IFJ Calls For Release Of Journalists In Somaliland

Harassment Of Journalists Continues In Somaliland With Two Arrested And One Beaten

Drought Fuelling Rural Exodus In Somaliland

Australia Lists Somalia's Al-Shabaab As Terrorists

Ethiopian Official Says Somali Militias Use Ethiopia To Attack Rebels

Second Somali-Canadian Stranded In Kenya Set To Return Home

Somalia's Street Children Fend For Themselves

IPDC Continues To Support East African Media

Somalia: Anniversary Of Abduction Of Canadian And Australian Journalists

Putnam Murder Trial: Jury Finds Osman Guilty

Drought Bites Horn Of Africa Ramadan

21 Killed As Somali Forces Attack Shabaab

Somali-Canadians Feel Harassed In Kenya: Activists

Boston FBI Reaching Out To Somali Communities

Mooove Over: Dromedary Dairy Could Be On Horizon

EGYPT: The Man Who Beat The Pirate

Compromise Sought On Prayer Dispute At US Plant


Hillary Clinton’s Trip To Africa

Features & Commentary

Shattered Somalia

Somalia: Failing Nations

Somalia: Failing Nations
Somaliland: In The Memory Of Ali Gulaid

U.S. Policy Shift Needed In The Horn Of Africa

Free Resources For Somali Educators And Students

Somalia Illustrates The High Cost Of Failed States

Ethiopia Strongly Believes The Next Election, Must Be Peaceful For The Sake Of Somaliland, And Of Stability In The Sub-Region

A State Of Danger

Do-It-Yourself Foreign Aid

Piracy Problem Persists In Gulf Of Aden

Clinton Tone-Deaf During Africa Trip

Somalia: To Succeed We Have To Look Forward!

Somaliland: The Making Of A Dictator

International News


Karzai, Abdullah Claim Victory In Afghan Election

Muslim Boy Passes 8 A Levels
“I was Inspired by my grandfather”, says 8 A-level boy

President Jacob Zuma Wishes Muslim Community Well On Ramadan

President Mubarak Meets Obama At The White House

Too Many African Nations Fail Refugees

C.I.A. Said To Use Outsiders To Put Bombs On Drones


Midnight Forever

Somaliland Will Not Be A Banana Republic

Time To Remake Somaliland’s Political Parties: Presidential Election Is Only One Small Step In This Direction

Interpeace Confusion Of Biometric Data In Somaliland

The Turmoil Of Somaliland Political Arena

Protest Letter To Mr. Rayaale And His Cronies

Somaliland Deserve Better Than This

Do-It-Yourself Foreign Aid


People always ask us: How can I help the world’s needy? How can I give in a way that will benefit a real person and won’t just finance corruption or an aid bureaucracy? There are innumerable answers to those questions, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that many of them involve women. From among the examples in our book “Half the Sky,” here are a handful:

Choose a woman to lend to onkiva.org. The minimum amount is $25, and you can choose from people all over the world. The money will be used to support a business and will be paid back. Or go to globalgiving.com, find a woman abroad whose cause you identify with and make a small gift. On GlobalGiving, for example, we have supported a program to prevent runaway girls from being trafficked into brothels.

Sponsor a girl abroad through one of the many child-sponsorship organizations. We do so through Plan USA (planusa.org), but there are many other great ones, including Women for Women International (womenforwomen.org).

Become an advocate for change by joining the CAREAction Network at care.org. CARE is now focused on assisting women and girls for the pragmatic reason that that is where it can get the best results. The network helps people speak out and educate policy makers about global poverty.

Find a cause that resonates with you, learn more about it and adopt it. For example, we send checks to support an extraordinary Somali woman, Edna Adan (see above), who has invested her savings and her soul in her own maternity hospital in Somaliland (ednahospital.org). Even school kids can make a difference. Jordana Confino, an eighth grader in Westfield, N.J., started an initiative with friends to help girls go to school in poor countries. The effort grew to become Girls Learn International (girlslearn.org), which now pairs American middle schools and high schools with needy classrooms in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

An expanded list of organizations that specialize in supporting women in developing countries is available here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/23/magazine/23women-list.html

A version of this article appeared in print on August 23, 2009, on page MM38 of the New York edition.

Source: The New York Times, August 18, 2009





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