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Issue 397

Front Page

News Headlines

Delegation After Delegation Of Foreign Diplomats Visit Somaliland

School Exams Results To Be Released This Month

Counterfeiters Busted In Somaliland

Berbera Port Manager Blames Captain And Crew Of M/V Mariam Star

Sheikh Sharif Uses Piracy To Fill His Pockets

Egypt Caves In To Pirates

Las Anod Building Its Biggest Mosque

Former Election Commission Member Passes Away

Local and Regional Affairs

SRSG Welcomes UNPOS Visit To Somaliland

Urgent Food Aid Needed To Avert Humanitarian Catastrophe In Somalia – UN

Arab League Demands More Troops For Somalia

Clear And Present Danger From Somalia

Second Round Of Child Health Days Aims To Boost Child Survival In Somalia

Al Qaeda-Linked American Terrorist Unveiled, As Charges Await Him In U.S.

US To Base Drones In Seychelles To Fight Piracy

Somaliland Presidential Guardsman Made “Death Threats” Against Lawmakers

Millions Face Starvation In E. African Drought

Italy Sends Boatload Of 75 Migrants Back To Libya: Report

AU Tackles Darfur, Somalia

Al-Shabab Leader Threatens Somaliland

Ethiopia: Two Journalists Get One-Year Jail Terms Under Obsolete Law

Why Somalia Is The Worst Place In The World

Livestock May Do Better Than Crops, Amidst The Worsening Climate Change

The Public Resists Capitulation In The Face Of Arrests, Intimidation


Somaliland’s Foreign Policy Still Active Despite Internal Disputes

Features & Commentary

Somaliland's Perplexing Limbo

Where Does Africa Foreign Aid Really Go: Africa Or Elsewhere?

Another Banner Pirate Season

Ethiopia - Conditional Union Of Independent Nations

Analysis: Who Is Fighting Whom In Somalia

Gaddafi's Forty Years In Power Celebrated With A 'Gallery Of Grotesques'

Will Dinosaurs Learn To Swim?

Minnesota: Creating A Safe Space For Young Muslims

What’s Good For The Nyoro Goose Is Good For The Ganda Gander

Report Of The Au Chairperson On The Tripoli Special Session (Summit)

International News

War Is Justified And Can Be Won, Brown Insists

Five Killed As Police Face Syringe Protesters In Chinese City

Study Criticizes Laptops For Distracting Children In Developing Countries

Afghan Officials Say NATO-Led Airstrike Killed Mostly Civilians

Scientists Develop Easy Ways To Spot Banana Disease


Midnight Forever – Part III: The conclusion

Africa’s Curse Descends On Somaliland

Somaliland; Trouble Times: Is There A Solution?

An Open Letter To Somaliland All-Party Parliamentary Group

A Constitutional Solution To The Political Crisis In Somaliland

Ethiopia Backs Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin

Losing The Faith In The System

Somaliland Bashers: Clean Up Your Mess

Why Somalia Is The Worst Place In The World

by Michael Bear 

Five reasons why Somalia is the worst place in the world, at least from a humanitarian perspective.  The beaches, tho, are quite nice:

1. Fully half the country - roughly 3.8 million people - needs urgent humanitarian assistance. Yet further proof that eighteen years without a functioning government is not the most effective path to peace and happiness.

2. Things are still getting worse, with a prolonged drought and increasingly vicious fighting between insurgents, various militia and the Somalia Government.

According to the acting UN humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, "this is the worst humanitarian crisis in Somalia in the last 18 years, since the collapse of the previous government."

3. The fighting is also making it more difficult to reach those most in need.  A situation not helped by the fact that insurgents often deliberately target humanitarian agencies -- ten aid workers have been killed in Somalia so far this year.

(Which, granted, is fewer than the 45 aid workers killed in Somalia last year.  Progress.  Of a sort.)

4. And where, you might ask, is the international community in all of this?  Well, let's see. UN policy is completely incoherent, with some UN agencies claiming neutrality, while others actively support the government.

Meanwhile, AU peacekeepers in Mogadishu are dying of malnutrition.  Or at least beriberi, which is caused by malnutrition.

That said, a lion's share of the blame should go to the US, seeing as how our various anti-terrorism interventions in Somalia over the past few years made a bad situation far, far worse.

(Tho I have to admit I've always wanted an Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism t-shirt.)

5. Finally, all the misery that the twenty-first century can muster still isn't enough, seeing as how Somalia also suffers from some wonderfully retro woes, such as piracy.

On the plus side -- the country is something of a libertarian paradise.

[Photo of Mogadishu from ctsnow's photostream on flickr - creative commons attribution]

Source: Humanitarion Relief, Sept 03, 2009




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