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Issue 435 -- May 29- June 04, 2010

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U.S. Is Said To Expand Secret Actions In Mideast

Somalia Pirate Attacks Up From Last Year

Local and Regional Affairs

Somali Diplomat Concerned About Texas Terror Alert  

Somalia Militia Attack Kenya Village 

'Pirates' Claim They Were Just Fishing For Sharks... With Rocket Launchers 

Somali Terror Member May Be Heading To Texas 

Investigation Opens Into German Mercenaries In Somalia

Prosecutors Demand 7-Year Sentences For Piracy


The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable In Buhoodle

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Istanbul Declaration

International News


Ethiopians Vote Meles Zenawi Counts!!!!

Riyale Is Unwilling To Recognize Or Identify With The Feelings And Needs Of Others

Editorial: The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable In Buhoodle

Several conflicting reasons were given for the ugly events that took place in Buhoodle this week. In an interview with the BBC Somali Service, one of Buhoodle’s chiefs, Garad Abdillahi Sofe, said the conflagration in Buhoodle was started by young traders of the narcotic drug Qat. The Garad may be right in that the Qat traders were the hands that lit the fuse. But there are also credible reports that a recently formed group headed by Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed (Hagle Toosiye) and Col Ali Saberey saw the situation as an opportunity to show that they can make things happen on the ground and were the actual behind the scenes instigators of what transpired.
Ethiopian soldiers were of course wrong to cross the border and also bear responsibility for what took place. Some Somaliland-haters have gone even further and accused Somaliland of having persuaded the Ethiopians to attack Buhoodle, which is a blatant lie. Whatever the immediate cause may have been, the conflict in Buhoodle has exposed the heart of the problem, which is that the previous status quo is no longer tenable in Buhoodle; and the reason it is no longer tenable is because there are now radicalized militants such as the group headed by Dr Suleiman I. Ahmed and Col. Ali Saberey and other terrorists who are fishing for opportunities to exploit in Buhoodle, Sool and Sanag regions.
Neither Somaliland, nor Ethiopia, nor the international community can afford to allow such destructive forces to take hold in Buhoodle, Sool and Sanag regions. Both Somaliland and Ethiopia already recognize the gravity of the situation and are moving to nip this threat in the bud. But it is not clear if the international community recognizes the danger signs. The reason we are raising questions about the international community’s grasp of the situation is because both Dr Suleiman I. Ahmed (an American citizen) and Col. Ali Saberey (a Canadian citizen) were arrested by the Kenyan authorities who suspected them of involvement in terrorist activities, but somehow they were released and were able to sneak into Somaliland to wreak havoc. Furthermore, since Suleiman I. Ahmed is an American citizen and Ali Saberey is a Canadian citizen, and since the US and Canada give high priority to fighting terrorism, many people expected these two countries to have moved by now against their two radicalized citizens, but to the best of our knowledge, no such moves were made. To get some idea of the methods and ideology of these two naturalized American and Canadian citizens, one need not look further than the fact that a video of dead Ethiopian soldiers who were beaten and dragged through the streets of Buhoodle is being used to raise funds and morale for these two naturalized American and Canadian citizens (the video was posted in you tube).
For the time being, Somaliland and Ethiopia are combating these terrorist threats alone, but it is also in the international community’s interest to do their part in ensuring that Somaliland and Ethiopia succeed in their efforts to keep radical terrorists out of their territories.



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