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Issue 435 -- May 29- June 04, 2010

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U.S. Is Said To Expand Secret Actions In Mideast

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Somali Diplomat Concerned About Texas Terror Alert  

Somalia Militia Attack Kenya Village 

'Pirates' Claim They Were Just Fishing For Sharks... With Rocket Launchers 

Somali Terror Member May Be Heading To Texas 

Investigation Opens Into German Mercenaries In Somalia

Prosecutors Demand 7-Year Sentences For Piracy


The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable In Buhoodle

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Istanbul Declaration

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Ethiopians Vote Meles Zenawi Counts!!!!

Riyale Is Unwilling To Recognize Or Identify With The Feelings And Needs Of Others

Investigation Opens Into German Mercenaries In Somalia

Berlin, May 29, 2010 The public prosecutor in the German city of Muenster has opened an investigation into reports that a German security firm is sending mercenaries to a Somali warlord amid concerns the deal violates UN sanctions.
A German public prosecutor on Wednesday began an investigation into reports that a German security firm has been contracted to provide a Somali warlord with more than 100 German ex-soldiers.
Wolfgang Schweer of the Muenster public prosecutor's office said he was looking into the deal reportedly agreed between Asgaard German Security Group and Somali opposition politician Galadid Abdinur Ahmad Darman.
"We are checking whether the offence of recruiting for a foreign army has been committed here," Schweer said.
Ahmad Darman, who is based in the United States, claims he is the legitimate president of Somalia. In an interview with German public broadcaster NDR, he said the soldiers "would be ordered to fight if necessary. They will fight alongside our units."
Asgaard said in a press release "the contract includes wide-ranging tasks and areas of competence: from strategic planning to security to implementation of all measures that are necessary to restore peace and stability."
Asgaard's managing director, Thomas Kaltegaertner, has declined to comment on the Muenster prosecutor's investigation, according to German broadcaster ARD.
Internal opposition
German lawmakers have also come down hard on the deal, criticizing it as a potential violation of United Nations sanctions against the conflict-stricken East African country.
Rainer Arnold, defense spokesperson for the opposition Social Democrats described the Asgaard deployment as "not acceptable," adding that "legislation should be created to limit such things."
Greens parliamentarian Omid Nouripour said Tuesday his party would investigate the deployment. Nouripour also criticized the German government for not implementing tougher laws to prevent ex-soldiers from serving as mercenaries in foreign wars.
The German Foreign Ministry acknowledged that it knew nothing about the contract or the activities of Asgaard. The Defense Ministry also confirmed that it has never entered into any contractual agreement with the company.Security experts warn that a Somali warlord backed by highly trained Western soldiers could shift the fragile political balance in the country and spark a bloodbath.
"If a German company now trains and supports a Somali warring faction then it is surely against the interests of the German government," Annette Weber from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs told NDR.
Editor: Rob Turner

Source: Deutsche Welle, Wednesday, May 26, 2010





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