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Issue 435 -- May 29- June 04, 2010

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U.S. Is Said To Expand Secret Actions In Mideast

Somalia Pirate Attacks Up From Last Year

Local and Regional Affairs

Somali Diplomat Concerned About Texas Terror Alert  

Somalia Militia Attack Kenya Village 

'Pirates' Claim They Were Just Fishing For Sharks... With Rocket Launchers 

Somali Terror Member May Be Heading To Texas 

Investigation Opens Into German Mercenaries In Somalia

Prosecutors Demand 7-Year Sentences For Piracy


The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable In Buhoodle

Features & Commentary

Istanbul Declaration

International News


Ethiopians Vote Meles Zenawi Counts!!!!

Riyale Is Unwilling To Recognize Or Identify With The Feelings And Needs Of Others

Somaliland’s Young People Worried About The Job Market

Hargeysa, Somaliland, May 29, 2010 (SL Times) – Many of Somaliland’s young people are expressing concern about the lack of employment opportunities in the country. Some of them bring up the promise made by Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin in 2003 when he was campaigning for President that if elected he would give a high priority to job creation, and how that promise was not fulfilled.
One young man said, “let alone creating new jobs, the government ended existing jobs such as the jobs lost when the ministry of finance terminated the little financial assistance it used to give to SOOYAAL’s training center ”.
The current voting cards distribution throughout the country has created some jobs in the public sector for the unemployed youth. The election season usually marks an increase in the number of people employed by political parties during their campaigns. The downside to this is that the political parties open offices in neighborhoods, and in order to get support and votes from the youth they lure them into these offices by providing them with plenty of the narcotic drug Qat to chew.
Somaliland has experienced an up tick in employment by the private sector. But even in this sector, employment opportunities are hampered by the fact that private enterprises often give more importance to the clan affiliation than merit and qualifications of the job applicant.



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