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Issue 435 -- May 29- June 04, 2010

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U.S. Is Said To Expand Secret Actions In Mideast

Somalia Pirate Attacks Up From Last Year

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Somali Diplomat Concerned About Texas Terror Alert  

Somalia Militia Attack Kenya Village 

'Pirates' Claim They Were Just Fishing For Sharks... With Rocket Launchers 

Somali Terror Member May Be Heading To Texas 

Investigation Opens Into German Mercenaries In Somalia

Prosecutors Demand 7-Year Sentences For Piracy


The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable In Buhoodle

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Istanbul Declaration

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Ethiopians Vote Meles Zenawi Counts!!!!

Riyale Is Unwilling To Recognize Or Identify With The Feelings And Needs Of Others

Somaliland Deserves Self-Respect, Not Denigrating Remarks From Tyrants.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

In the light of recent interview the president of Djibouti gave to the BBC Somali, it has transpired that what a lot of people were wondering has come true:  the president of Djibouti has added his name to a long list of pathetic losers who are against Somaliland.

The trouble is not that Mr. Omar Gheleh, who even France has accused of being behind the murder of a French judge, is not happy with an eventual recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign state, but rather the fact that the current leadership is so weak and pitiful that someone like the aforementioned notorious character dare express such negative opinion in a blatantly denigrating manner along with a BBC reporters reputed for their hostilities towards Somaliland.

I was so enraged to hear them chuckle and giggle in an obvious act of collective self gratification at the mere mention of Somaliland getting her nationhood status that I almost broke my laptop where the bbc report was playing on window media player.  According to Omar Gheleh nothing can change the status quo of Somaliland being in limbo until she seeks and gets the acquiescence from the equally moribund TFG whose record of incompetence and farce rivals that portrayed in an episode of the famous British comedy “The Monty python and the flying circus”.

It clearly beggars belief that a leader reputed for his ruthlessness, who has reduced the citizen of his country to mere subjects, expresses opinions about Somaliland whose exemplary achievements on democracy has caught the eyes of the whole world, and country such as Israel have acknowledged that the recognition of Somaliland is in the interest of the world as a whole.

Where was Mr. Omar Gheleh when he was invaded by Eritrea and had to call on Somaliland to save his narrow behind and stand by him in a moment of need. So I guess you call on Somaliland when you need her and speak behind her back after she has save you from a humiliating defeat.

Omar the looser should understand that Somaliland did not even have to send troupes to help Djibouti, the mere mention that the President Rayale with a delegation from Somaliland went to Djibouti and issued a communiqué blaming Eritrea made the later thinks twice about getting on a course that could have involved Somaliland.

Now let me try to understand the nature of the schizophrenic relationship between Somaliland and Djibouti.

I was a little taken aback to hear a couple of months ago that Djibouti and Yemen had claimed parts of Somaliland as belonging to them, this in fact speaks volumes not about the perception that the neighbors have of Somaliland but of the strength of the current government.

I am sorry to say but the current government has weakened the country, and President Rayale should just do the honorable thing and let the other two guys run for the office. His weakness is so appalling that he should be ashamed of himself to have put the honor of Somaliland in the mud. I am telling to President Rayale “shame on you Mr.  President, if you don’t have the guts to lead this country then come out and say so, and please do not hoodwink the innocent electorate with promises of deals made in France that will brings them a fantasy prosperity that will vanish into thin air after you get reelected”.

Personally I am certain that either Chairman Sillanyo or Engineer Faisal will give a far more powerful leadership than Rayale anytime of the day. It is a certainty that Pathetic Gheleh will dare belittle neither the Chairman nor the Engineer, these individuals have serious self respect and it is my advice to the electorate to think twice before reelecting Rayale. The electorate should understand that if their government is disrespected then what will become of them when they travel to Djibouti, the answer is simple, and they will be treated like second class citizen. Please look after your self respect when going to the poll Somaliland electorate!!...

I would like to advise also the Somaliland electorate that if they go on a path of humiliation, then another holocaust is just round the corner. Just remember what happened to the Tutsi in Rwanda, or what happen to the Jews in Germany; it started with disrespect and ended in millions of deaths, so does the Somaliland electorate want to suffer that fate. Elect someone who will inspire such fear in Djibouti and Somalia that neither will express an opinion about Somaliland.

Also a strong leadership will guarantee a recognition of your country, with power comes everything else, and also we need to remember that the current government does not waste time in belittling its opponents, I remember when the Radio Hargeysa accused the leadership of the house, the deputy speaker of the house Mr. Samale and another two leaders of the Kulmiye party of being in cahoots with Alshabaab extremists; if this doesn’t weaken Somaliland I don’t know what will.

What we see is a long list of blunders and missteps that will eventually endanger the lives of Somalilanders. The electorate should open their eyes and vote for their own security on June 26 2010.

I live in Canada and do not feel what you are feeling but as a Somaliland expatriate who understand the stakes I am nicely advising you to be careful when voting, do not vote for preconceived tribal notions that will take you nowhere, vote for your personal interests, each voter should vote for what is going to be good for him or her. When you vote think only of whether or not your vote will make a difference as to the country getting recognition, and whether or not who you elect will make the Dictator next door behave himself towards your country, the Democratic Somaliland.

I, myself, will sit back and watch events unfold. 

Mr. Ruthless, A friend of Somaliland.







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