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Issue 442 -- July 17-23, 2010

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News Headlines

Somaliland Company To Export Meat To Malaysia

Is Somaliland One Of Africa's Most Vibrant Democracies?

UK Minister: Somaliland's 'Commitment To Democracy'

Local and Regional Affairs

Africa Oil To Raise Up To C$20 Mln In Private Placement 

Djibouti: AIDS fight targets Ethiopian truckers along the borders 

Outgoing Opposition MPs Sing

Djibouti Sentences Prominent Businessman To 15 Years 

Zuma Appeals For Calm As Fears Of Xenophobic Tensions Rise

Somali Man Who Lied To FBI Being Sentenced Today  


Somaliland Is So Doing Its Part, So Should The International Community

Features & Commentary

Somalis Need To Learn About Peace

Kampala Bombings Cause Somali Blackout
Al-Shabaab's Attack On Uganda: A Lesson For Afghanistan?

International News


Should We Expect a Miracle From Kulmiye Now That The Election Went Its Way?

Gatineau Communiqué

Combat Stress: A living History
What Has Continent Achieved?
Somalia Needs Good Government To Turn Back The Terrorist Tide

Puntland Officer Assassinated

Bosaso, Somalia, July 17, 2010 (SL Times) – An officer with Puntland security forces by the name Abdillahi Ga'amay was assassinated in Bosaso on July 14. The killing happened close to Golis communications company. The killers were armed with pistols and their faces were covered. They fled the scene after committing the assassination and both their identities and their motivations remain unknown.

Killings, bombings and assassinations are common occurrences in Puntland and the perpetrators are usually not caught.

The President of Puntland Mr Abdirahman Faroole recently appointed a committee to look into the deteriorating security situation in Bosaso.





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