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Issue 442 -- July 17-23, 2010

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UK Minister: Somaliland's 'Commitment To Democracy'

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Djibouti: AIDS fight targets Ethiopian truckers along the borders 

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Somalia Needs Good Government To Turn Back The Terrorist Tide

Djibouti: AIDS Fight Targets Ethiopian Truckers Along The Borders

Djibouti, July 17, 2010 — An official agreement of cooperation was signed yesterday between the Republic of Djibouti, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the terminal operator World (DP World), based in Dubai, and Family Health International (FHI).
According to a statement issued after the signing ceremony by the Djibouti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, “ It is the first public private partnership funded by the United States to Djibouti” in order to generate better access to health care along the Djibouti-Ethiopia corridor.
This development will provide much needed health services and development project along increasingly busy shipping routs between Djibouti and Ethiopia.
The document signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding, which was held yesterday in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was attended by Minister of International Cooperation, Mr. Ahmed Ali Silay, Minister of Health, Mr. Abdallah Abdillahi Miguil, the U.S. ambassador to Djibouti, Mr. James C. Swan, the representative of USAID in Djibouti, Stephanie Funk and Project Director FHI, Dorothy Muroki. Also present at this occasion, the president of the Ports Authority and the Djibouti Free Zone, Doualeh Mr. Aden, the executive director of the Port of Djibouti and the Container Terminal Doraleh, Johannes (Hans) de Jong and the Coordinator of Social Responsibilities of International Company DP World, Mr. Ethan Chorin.
The alliance between DP World, U.S. and Djibouti governments will benefit thousands of people along a busy road that connect Djibouti and Ethiopia. The project is part of International initiative to prevent spread of AIDS and other epidemics along major transportation areas. The programs aims to increase awareness and adoption of healthy behaviors to the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS, also increase awareness of other health problems along major transportation corridors in nine countries in East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, including Djibouti.
More than 800 trucks a day pass along the road connecting neighboring Djibouti to Ethiopia. The initiative is designed to established 38 awareness posts or “Safe Stops” along the high-risk areas along transportation routes in the cities of Central and East Africa where truckers, port workers and members of the community can access basic medical care, health education and a safe place to rest.
Under the terms of the MOU, the DP World will supervise and finance the construction of a new community center “Safe Stop,” a 1,600 square feet facility near the container terminal DP World in Doraleh, on the outskirts of the capital of Djibouti.
The truckers, port workers and members of surrounding communities will benefit from the services of a clinic. The facility will include exam rooms, a private recreation center and Internet access.







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