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Issue 466 -- 1st-6th January 2011

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An-24 Plane Crew With 3 Russians Released In Somaliland

U.S. Issues Travel Warning For Somaliland & Somalia

Local and Regional Affairs

Ethiopia Exerting Maximum Effort Towards Success Of Referendum In Sudan

Somali PM Asked To Suspend Agreement With Security Firm Saracen
Somalia: Not Much Changed In 2010
 ‘The West Stole From Us,’ Says Kenyan Politician
Dutch Free Last Of 12 Somali Terrorism Suspects


The Reasons Behind Egypt’s Losing Streak

Features & Commentary

International News


Harawo, Awdal & Sayla Websites Propaganda Should Stop Or It Would Lead To The Demise Of This Great Nation
SSC Top Terror Chief Still ‘On the Run’

 ‘The West Stole From Us,’ Says Kenyan Politician

Istanbul, Turkey, January 1, 2011 – The deputy speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Kenya, Farah Maalim, has said the West has stolen much of his country’s natural wealth and resources, but that his country was resolute in developing itself, adding that Turkey’s role in this development could be pivotal.

During a visit to the Zaman daily’s İstanbul headquarters, Maalim said despite centuries of exploitation and colonialism, Africa remained the only part of the world that still has vast natural resources yet to be explored. “We need Turkey to develop together with Africa,” Maalim said.

He said countries in the West wanted to continue robbing Kenya of its natural resources as they have done in the past, while the Chinese and others were also overly interested in them. He said although the Chinese had made some quality investments in Africa, they had failed to contribute to the general welfare situation in the continent.

The deputy speaker also said that he didn’t believe in the possibility of a fair arrangement with the West or the Chinese in Africa. “This is why we need countries like Turkey that can act as a bridge,” he said, adding that there were not many other countries that could do this. He noted that past experience has shown that Turkish businesses also make an effort to improve the welfare of the local communities in the areas that they have invested in Africa.

Maalim, who is of Somali background, said his children attended a Turkish school opened and run by followers of Fethullah Gülen, the inspiration behind a faith-based movement in Turkey. He said he had immense respect for Gülen and had read many of his books.

He said Turkish businesses were most active in the pharmaceutical and furniture industries in Kenya, which presented a good opportunity to reach out to a potential market of 450 million people, as his country is a portal to Eastern and Central Africa. Maalim invited Turkish businesses to invest in the construction sector in particular. CİHAN

Source: Zaman Daily




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