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Issue 473 -- 19th - 25th February 2011

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Somaliland: Seeking A Deserved Recognition.

Interpol To Help Several African Nations Have More Effective Anti-Piracy Programs

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Shippers Back Private Armed Guards To Beat Pirates

Somalia: Stop War Crimes In Mogadishu
DJIBOUTI: Hard Life For Somali Refugees In Ali Addeh Camp
An Initiative Worth Supporting
Dahabshiil Helps Strengthen Somali Currency, Says The Economist
Somali Pirate Handed 33-Year Sentence By U.S. Court


Somaliland And The Wilton Park Conference

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Marxuum Ibrahim Maygag Samater's Latest Writing‏

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Somaliland: Neutralizing American & Canadian Warlords Will Save Lives

Somaliland: A Disgraceful Repudiation Of International Justice

The Shaping Of A New World Order & Where Somaliland Fits-In

By Omer Hussein Dualeh

As the title suggests, we are seeing a new World Order that has started in the Arab World and the Africa Continent, but we need to discover where we [Somaliland] stand in this developing trend. We see those who were against the Somaliland cause are crumbling by the day. This is the end result of the injustice they committed against the people of Somaliland by those who believe our quest of justice is against their wicked agenda.

The first one, Dictator Mubarak left the office, as I was writing this article, and it gives me the pleasure of congratulating the people of Egypt, and warns the new care taking government not to stand the way of Somaliland.

God, the almighty has decided the fate of those who were against Somaliland, and we shall make use of it. The AU has first time ever proclaimed recently that they are going re-visit the 1964 agreement on of borders and the dictators of Egypt and Sudan, the sole enemies of our cause are now drowning in to their ills and are in trouble. It is about time that the Government of Somaliland forcefully presents its case to the World. We have to show the World what our impoverished nation in sub-Sahara Africa was able to build single-handedly, the highest standards of political stability and democratic governance from the ruins of thirty plus years of destruction and recorded genocide that we have endured. And we should present strongly what we have achieved for the last two decades. Our President quote was "WE ARE NO LONGER CONTENT TO BE AFRICA's BEST-KEPT SECRET" and we deserve better.

As my good friend and a Patriot, recently said in his article "THE MOTHER OF ALL HYPOCRISIES", the international community is continuing rewarding the DEN of International Terrorists and Sea Pirates [Puntland], while ignoring the BEST KEPT SECRET IN AFRICA, the democratic nation of 3.5 million, that lives peace with itself and the rest of the World.

The old guards of Africa and the West at large talk about democracy and forget to reward Somaliland for its democratization and good governance. They obstruct the quest of our nation to get access to the international mechanisms for development and capacity building, while wasting millions if not billions to where there is no hope of peace [Somalia], they beautify the Warlord with the agreement of the Africa dictators, continue endless reconciliations and conferences of which the last [16th in number] was held in UK this week.

It’s about time that the International Community to act in our favor, because justice delayed is justice denied, and its against what those who cherish democracy believe in. If the world is serious about bringing peace to the Horn of Africa, Somaliland should be treated in equal footing with newest country in Africa [South Sudan] if they EU & US truly favored the right to self-determination of the people of South Sudan. Somaliland is not secessionist as South Sudan was fighting for decades, but we have been a State recognized by many of the then independent countries in 1960s, but we reclaimed our lost sovereignty only. 

God forbid, I foresee, if our right is denied there will be a much large scale conflict at the horizon, and the peace that the international community is trying bring back to Somalia will widen and will reach uncontrollable proportions.

Omer Hussein Dualeh,








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