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Issue 473 -- 19th - 25th February 2011

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Somaliland: Seeking A Deserved Recognition.

Interpol To Help Several African Nations Have More Effective Anti-Piracy Programs

Local and Regional Affairs

Shippers Back Private Armed Guards To Beat Pirates

Somalia: Stop War Crimes In Mogadishu
DJIBOUTI: Hard Life For Somali Refugees In Ali Addeh Camp
An Initiative Worth Supporting
Dahabshiil Helps Strengthen Somali Currency, Says The Economist
Somali Pirate Handed 33-Year Sentence By U.S. Court


Somaliland And The Wilton Park Conference

Features & Commentary

Marxuum Ibrahim Maygag Samater's Latest Writing‏

International News


Somaliland: Neutralizing American & Canadian Warlords Will Save Lives

Somaliland: A Disgraceful Repudiation Of International Justice

Sheikh Sharif’s Minister Jailed In Somaliland

Hargeysa, Somaliland, February 19, 2011 (SL Times) – The Transitional Federal Government’s Deputy Minister of Public Works, Mr Abdirashid Muhammad Ali, was jailed after he arrived in Hargeysa without Somaliland government’s permission.
The Minister is originally from Somaliland, and there is a law in Somaliland which considers it a crime for any Somalilander to take part in Somalia's government or conferences.
However, the government of President Ahmed Sillanyo has been inconsistent in applying the law which has created confusion and probably encouraged this minister and others who are reportedly in the pipeline to come to Somaliland.





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