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Issue 487 -- 28th May- 03rd June 2011

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Somaliland News

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Milton Keynes Shootings: Tests Confirm Fatal Wounds

Iran Ready To Help Resolve Somali Crisis

Local and Regional Affairs

Unrecognized Somaliland Celebrates 20 Years Of Self-Rule

Money Man Serves The Somali Diaspora

Coca-Cola Boosts Somaliland Economy

Second Teenager Dies Following Double Shooting In Milton Keynes

Uganda Warns Of Al Shabaab Attacks In Coming Days

Explore Ways To Move Forward, Somalia Urged

Somali Police Arrest Foreigners With Cash 'For Pirates'


Somaliland Government’s Security Approach Not Working

Features & Commentary

Millions In Cash Payments Missing In Somalia

Bonhams To Sell Work By US President's Friend Who Survived Attacks By Leopards & Elephants

Marriage Over The Phone Thrives Among Somali Community

Global Peace Dividend Could Reach $8 Trillion A Year, Study Says

Flying For Kosovo, A Case For Self-Identity

International News


Open Letter To The President Of Somaliland‏

Somaliland's Recognition: The Undiscovered Secret

18 May, The Good Decision Day

Russia Calls For Gadhafi To Step Down

TRIPOLI, Libya, May 28, 2011 Russia believes Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafishould quit and could help broker his departure, a senior Russian official said on Friday in an important boost to NATO powers keen on ending his 41-year rule.

It was a striking change in tone from Kremlin criticism of NATO air strikes in Libya, which are officially intended to protect civilians in a civil war, but have effectively put the West on the side of rebels seeking Gadhafi's removal.

NATO said it was preparing to deploy attack helicopters over the Arab North African state for the first time to add to the pressure on Gadhafi's forces on the ground.

But his security forces demonstrated once again that they are far from a spent force, launching rocket attacks overnight on the rebel-held town of Zintan and fighting insurgents on the outskirts of the city of Misrata.

Russia's mediation offer was announced on the sidelines of the G8 Summit in Deauville, France, where Russian President Dmitry Medvedev discussed the situation with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Libya's official news agency has widely referenced Russia's criticism of Western air strikes on Libya as going beyond a UN Security Council mandate to protect civilians. Medvedev, however, emphasized that Gadhafino longer has the right to lead Libya.

"The world community does not see him as the leader of Libya," Medvedev said.

But he presented no plan to remove Gadhafifrom power. "If he takes this responsible decision -- and it would be helpful for the country and the Libyan people -- then it will be possible to discuss how to do this," he said.

Medvedev said later Russia would not give Gadhafishelter, but that others might. He said he was sending an envoy to Libya to begin talks.

Rebels welcomed the news, with the headline on the website of Libyan pro-rebel newspaper Brnieq reading: "Tightening the noose on him, Russia says Gadhafimust go."

Source: Reuters







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