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Issue 495 -- 23rd - 29th July 2011

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Police Arrest Three People For Dispensing Somalia’s Passport

Third Batch Graduates From Sahan Center

Worldremit Launches “Send Money To Yourself” Service In Somaliland

Local and Regional Affairs

Cartoon In Murdoch’s Paper Calls Hacking Inquiry A Distraction From African Famine

Uganda Or Even UK Can Host Somalis, Says Ojode

US To Allow Aid Shipments To Islamist-Held Somalia 'If Security Is Guaranteed'

Analysts: Somali War Helped Turn Drought To Famine

We Need Safe Access To Those Affected By Famine In Somalia, Says World Vision

On Tanker Hijacked Another Released

Scarborough Restaurant Owner Pleads For Canadian Government To Help Somalia


Is Yemen Becoming Another Somalia?

Features & Commentary

Protecting Somaliland's Endangered Cave Paintings

Somalia's Sea Wolves

African Viewpoint: Messy Divorces

Kenyan Runner Hopes Success In U.S. Will Improve Her Family's Life

No Owner, No Cargo And No Hope Of Ransom: Pirates Urged To Show Mercy

International News


Col Iyo Abaar - War & Drought

Somaliland: Seeking A Deserved Recognition

A Note To My Late Kulmiye General Secretary: Kayse Hassan Cige


Madrasa: Somaliland’s Alien School And Its Aftermath

By Abdirahman Mohamed Diryes

The surroundings you live in shapes your entire life: your way of thinking, your code of dress, and your personal priorities.  Good example of this is the two parts of valley-divided city of Hargeysa, southern part including some areas of New Hargeysa, mullahs of all types from oldest ones like Timo wayne to the newest ones like Salaf Saalix or Faasid from the perspective of some people are inescapably affecting the lives of youth especially the vulnerable ones such as the new arrivals from rural world and the desperate, unemployed. Everyone is impersonating clergymen wadaado since they become paradigm of discipline, education, and business success much like Moran Christians. To b e successful, all you need is to be Gadhwayne (beardy) and wear shorts of different kind! However, some criminalized business fell apart already. As saying goes “ill-gotten gains never prosper” 

You can hardly hear any other successful Somali rather than Sheikhs which are role models for the present and future generation. From Orphan selling to Saudis, schools, engineering, teaching, car mechanic, and to everything else, Sheikhs are there! But the few enlightened ones including me who used to live in the southern part of Hargeysa, in fact, very much worried when US Drone attacks will begin chasing terrorists hiding in the area because we are not less criminal than Nuclear Pakistan. Some our mosques more criminalized than Red mosque of Pakistani terror manufacturer which stormed by Paki troops. Does Somaliland dare to speak out instead of appointing as MPs to legalize these ugly dudes as they worked as finance officers, and fund-raisers of Jihadist’s networks in some points in their lives?

The fact that Gulf built Madrasa, not hospitals, caused us to outnumber only in organized crime. We did not yet fully recover from 1994 devastation; nonetheless, do you think the FBI is unaware of what Al-Hudda, Al-Cumar,  and other places of dubious nature are engaged? If your activities are legitimate. Then just expose to the public as well as to the elected government of Somaliland. 

In this part of the city, sheikhs whose wealth source is mysterious and some of them whose wealth is ill-gotten gained through shipping youth to Zone Five and Southern Somalia as suicide bombers, are role models for the past and present generations. Some of so-called sheikhs not only came back from Gulf States as usual but also from Canada, industrial nation with liberal views unexpected to produce such dubious contractor, with detrimental ideologies along with project of building only unessential infrastructure: Madrasa and plenty of unwanted Mosques.

In true version of Islam Sufism, Mosques are needless to be built as the entire earth including Churches and synagogues, temples are mosque place. I do not know whether that verse was removed and replaced with one calling mass murder, suicide bombing or false martyrdom against people of all faiths.  Moreover, building mosques or any other place of worship is not and would not be a sphere of international cooperation among Muslim nations; have you ever heard a Chad, the poorest country in the world, asking Saudis or Kuwaitis to build Mosques for them?! Since the religion a matter of personality, mosque construction is upon the discretion of the local community, not foreign folks—of course you can pray in Massalah, a roofless, while having the same virtue (Ajar) as the extravagantly decorated Ali Matan if not more— that is why we hear Ina Bootan, Ina Rusheeye, Ina Imaan, Baxsane Mosques, these are built neither by Kuwait nor Qatar.

None of the mosques in ex-Hargeysa ever built by Arabs, instead, Somalis built some places of worship in the Arab World in pre-oil era. During Siyad, Somalia have their own financing system of its Mosques, and council of Muftis like Sheikh Sufi, Sheikh Dirir’s teacher, and ex-Awqaf and religious affairs minister before the current minister of Palestinian name took over the ministry.  The story that we were not Muslim enough in the past before Saudi-trained mullah’s arrival is absolutely a myth.

A Friday, a friend of mine has attended a mosque in Dubai, the Imam, an Egyptian, righteous-looking man, was preaching Anti-kafir( western)  with great enthusiasm ,and how they deserve death!—no one deserves death and if so why God created them in the first place?—18 year old Emirati schoolboy on holiday working as a volunteer intelligence officer stood up;  handed over a piece of paper written “ stop preaching incitement” then the Imam said “ I was warned” andaruunii , but kept continuing with same line of ferociousness  . The other Friday, the same little boy stood in Imam’s lot and told the congregation that the Imam simply wants to destroy the future of this country (UAE) with demagogic trash. “ this man was offered a prestigious job of leading worshippers alone…,” the little boy said angrily “ but technically, he is a foreigner  and not better than the garbage collector from India , so he should abide by the laws of not meddling other countries’ internal affairs…,” is this patriotic event likely to happen in Hargeysa? At the least not for now.

So, shall we protect our country as much as that from foreigners regardless of religion? Or invite terrorists from all  over the globe to proselytize us; nonetheless, the poor Imam, the pious, was deported back to Cairo, a city to secure job of pimp never mind a decent one is like to pull star out of sky, to disseminate his silly poetry, therefore, you can see from there, no Arab or Islamic World, that each Muslim have the right to go in without visa, such things are written in outdated books which are totally irrelevant or exist only in our imaginary realm. Think over if Andulus (modern day Spain) was visa free for poor masses in the Middle East which was enduring abject poverty at the time as the Quran tells.

Sheikh Adam Siiro, who grown up and earns his livelihood in Hargeysa, makes not mistake whenever he defends his pragmatic views simply based on the love of his people, not hatred of other Somalis as his opponents  may portray him. His stance about deportation foreign nationals including Somali-speaking ones and Arabs as well deserved our applause, not disapproval.

Although the southern part is much smaller than the north part of Hargeysa, it has more mosques including Mihrab-less one in Qudhacdheer and Madrasa than entire city combined! It is sad moment that infrastructure of terrorism is taking root there; today is darker than yesterday as Madrasa of offbeat sect with new Arab name is built; every morning I used to wake with new Madrasa landing somewhere in my neighbor; only womanly name is left to build; I can see Sudanese, Bahraini, UAE, Saudi, Pakistani Madrasas, and etc, which only meters apart with conflicting ideas. One part of Hargeysa, the US is building schools such as Abaarso Tech, on the other, the Arabs are building terror schools to feed their addiction of Jihadism. Why Arabs not expel Chevron, Shell, Kafir Business, before they come to our poor, naïve, to exploit them? One day we regret of letting Arab-funded Madrasa to be built in our villages. Definitely, we will be sad when facts behind those Madrasa are declassified by Gulf States. It takes decades to rehabilitate toxic byproducts of Madrase.

Yesterday was Sheikh, and Amoud Secondary Schools that produced our effective leaders, academia, and straight forward mullahs, but today the future seems to lie with Abaarso Tech, the first American run school in Somalia.  This will definitely produce tomorrow leaders as this was described as the best in the Horn of Africa, shall we keep our kids at Madrasa of X beel jacfar or Y khidaab to listen to jihad music and have Godane and his ilk as a role model! This criminality will not last long. You shape the present to mold the future but you cannot reverse the past. Have you seen modern schools teaching mathematics in the southern or eastern Hargeysa other than Madrasa that indoctrinates kids?  Egal, Tuur, and many others were proud of been graduates of British-run schools. You know why? Again have you seen someone proud of been a graduate of Madrasa apart from been frustrated and confused?! However, I want my people to wake up before it is too late. For the time being, we can change the course of our lives.

Mr. Dirye is Somaliland volunteer and activist currently based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Email: mrdirye@gmail.com






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