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Issue 503/ 17th - 23rd Sept 2011

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Somaliland News

News Headlines

Fadumo Saeed Draws Attention To The Plight Of Homeless Children

Dr Ise Abdi Jama Urges Somaliland Physicians To Work Diligently, Warns Against Personal Attacks

Journalists Continue To Be Targeted In Somaliland

Local and Regional Affairs

Somaliland Appeals Court Confirms Fine For Newspaper Editor

Attackers Shoot Journalist In Somalia

Rwandan Artists Sing Their Big Hearts For Somalia

Air Raids Heard In Southern Somalia

Somalia Crisis Has Cost World $55 Billion Since 1991 - Report

Al-Shabaab Allows Turks To Deliver Relief

Three Terrorist Groups In Africa Pose Threat To U.S., American Commander Says


The Business Of Famine In South Somalia

Features & Commentary

Session: Africa’s Challenge: South Sudan And Beyond

Twenty Years Of Collapse And Counting: The Cost Of Failure In Somalia

Somalia: On the Road to Recovery or Déjà vu?

Travelers Should Beware Of Pirates

A Man-Made Disaster: How Militant Islamism, The War Against Terror And Famine Are Connected In Somalia

International News


Is There A Country Called “Somalia”? A Widespread Misconception

Etihad, This Amazing Airline Deserves Attention!

The Triumph Of Democracy And Good Governance In Somaliland

Current Status Of Forests And Woodlands In Somaliland: (Threats And Opportunities)


Rwandan Artists Sing Their Big Hearts For Somalia

Kigali, Rwanda, September 17, 2011 -- Thirteen big hearted Rwandan artists – the All Stars – have joined the nation in the campaign to alleviate the pain and anguish experienced by Somalis; especially for children in war-torn Somalia who have little to express joy for as a famine and drought rages in the region.
Last month, the government of Rwanda pledged 100,000 US dollars to support the famine ravaged Horn of Africa region, and especially Somalia. This was during a fund-raising function at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The All Stars’ track titled Humura Somalia is part of their own fund-raising campaign to save Somalis from dying from famine. It was released on Sept. 3 and first played, later, at a college event and during a recent soccer match.
The talented Rwandan also plan charity events including concerts and road shows to raise funds for the noble cause.
The 13 stars – Miss Jojo (Josiane Uwineza) , King James (James Ruhumuriza), Shanel (Ruth Nirere), Jules Sentore, Intore Masamba, Gabiro Girbert, Kitoko (Patrick Bibarwa Kitoko), Tonzi (Clementine Uwitonze), Mani Martin, Alpha Rwirangira, Ziggy55 (a member of The Brothers group), Riderman (Emery Gatsinzi ) and Jay Polly (Joshua Tuyishimire), say they believe Somalia needs everyone’s support.
On Thursday, Mani Martin, one of the artists, told Xinhua that his sole wish is to put a smile on Somali children’s faces.
“My part in the song is, ‘we are the future of this continent; we are the hope of its people!’ Personally, I always make effort to do something to help the vulnerable through my talent of singing,” Martin told Xinhua.
“So, for me, I really own such an initiative. I appeal to everyone else who realizes the predicament of Somalia – if we all stand up, at once, together, at least even those children could laugh and be happy,” Martin said.
In an interview with The New Times, Rwanda’s daily English newspaper, Miss JoJo said she is “honored to be part of this humanitarian campaign,” and encourages others worldwide to use their talents to aid the Somalis.
“People are dying of hunger every minute. They need our support and I believe that if we all join hands we can save their lives. The song says that we are the hope of Somalia and calls on the world to react to the situation in Somalia,” Miss JoJo is quoted saying.
A youth group – Rwanda Youth Campaign for Somalia (RYCS), recently initiated a broader campaign to help Somalia.
Its coordinator – Jean Népo Rwema Sibomana, says they plan to raise up to 1 million dollars for the plight of Somali children
Source: Xinhua







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