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Issue 503/ 17th - 23rd Sept 2011

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Somaliland News

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Fadumo Saeed Draws Attention To The Plight Of Homeless Children

Dr Ise Abdi Jama Urges Somaliland Physicians To Work Diligently, Warns Against Personal Attacks

Journalists Continue To Be Targeted In Somaliland

Local and Regional Affairs

Somaliland Appeals Court Confirms Fine For Newspaper Editor

Attackers Shoot Journalist In Somalia

Rwandan Artists Sing Their Big Hearts For Somalia

Air Raids Heard In Southern Somalia

Somalia Crisis Has Cost World $55 Billion Since 1991 - Report

Al-Shabaab Allows Turks To Deliver Relief

Three Terrorist Groups In Africa Pose Threat To U.S., American Commander Says


The Business Of Famine In South Somalia

Features & Commentary

Session: Africa’s Challenge: South Sudan And Beyond

Twenty Years Of Collapse And Counting: The Cost Of Failure In Somalia

Somalia: On the Road to Recovery or Déjà vu?

Travelers Should Beware Of Pirates

A Man-Made Disaster: How Militant Islamism, The War Against Terror And Famine Are Connected In Somalia

International News


Is There A Country Called “Somalia”? A Widespread Misconception

Etihad, This Amazing Airline Deserves Attention!

The Triumph Of Democracy And Good Governance In Somaliland

Current Status Of Forests And Woodlands In Somaliland: (Threats And Opportunities)


Appeals Court Confirms Judgment Against Saxafi Editor Abdifatah Mohamoud Aydid

Hargeysa, Somaliland, September 17, 2011 (SL Times) – The appeals court sided with the Hargeysa Regional court and confirmed the guilty judgment against Saxafi editor Abdifatah Mohamoud Aydid. The court was presided by Judge Ahmed Salah.
The appeals judge reduced Abdifatah Mohamoud Aydid‘s monetary fine from $1000 to $700. He also nullified the regional court's decision that if the defendant committed a similar violation within two years, Saxafi newspaper would lose its publishing license.
The case against Saxafi newspaper’s editor was brought by the Minister of Aviation, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, in reaction to allegations in Saxafi newspaper about misuse of Kuwaiti funds by the ministry of Aviation.
Saxafi editor Abdifatah Mohamoud Aydid said the decision of the appeals court was flawed in that it was based on the penal code, and not on Somaliland’s press law which was signed by Somaliland’s president. He also said he will take his case further to the Supreme Court.
The case against Saxafi’s editor as well as other cases in which government officials are using the penal code to punish journalists has raised wide concern about the government’s commitment to the freedom of the press.
Abdifatah M. Aidied is also assistant editor of Somaliland Times, a weekly newspaper published by Haatuf Media Network










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