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Issue 506/ 8th - 14th Oct 2011

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Somaliland News

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Safiya Hashi Madar Talks About Her Struggle Against Barre’s Dictatorship - Part Three

Kenya PM Appeals To The International Community To Borrow Some Lessons From Somaliland

US Drone Strike Kills 29 In Somalia

Local and Regional Affairs

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Attack Indefensible

Finns Release Somali Terror Suspect, Hold Another

Phone Calls Allegedly Hint At Terrorism Suspect's Loyalties

Hertz Suspends Praying Muslim Shuttle Drivers

Somali Bomber Who Killed 100 Slammed Education

Women Being Raped: The Dark Side Of The Famine Crisis In Somalia

AU Forces Plan To Cover Al-Shabaab Strongholds


Why Did Al-Shabaab Do It?

Features & Commentary

No Easy Way Out: Traditional Authorities In Somaliland And The Limits Of Hybrid Political Orders

Somalia: Livelihood And Politics

Al-Shabaab – A Looming Threat

How To End The Stalemate In Somalia

Somalia: Road Map Into New Quagmire – Analysis

International News


Somaliland’s Goodwill And Sharif Ahmed’s Bad Intensions

Somaliland, Time For Some People’s Diplomacy 

Current Status Of Forests And Woodlands In Somaliland: (Threats And Opportunities) Part IV

Somaliland Sends First Humanitarian Mission To Somalia

Hargeysa, Somaliland, October 8, 2011 – A humanitarian delegation from the Republic of Somaliland donated relief aid for 9,000 drought-displaced families in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, during a recent visit. It was the first such visit since the region declared unilateral independence from the rest of the country in 1991.

"We plan to distribute food for 9,000 families and medicine for four hospitals," Hasan Abdi Awed, chairman of Somaliland's chamber of commerce and leader of the eight-member delegation, said on 30 September. "The food we are distributing will last the beneficiary families one month."

Awed said the Somaliland government had announced in late August that it would participate in the international efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Somalia, which has been hit by famine and drought across most of its south-central regions.

Mohamed Shugri Jama, a spokesman for the delegation, told a news conference in Hargeysa before the visit: "We collected about $700,000 donated by the people and the government of Somaliland, and we have split into two delegations, one will be in Mogadishu distributing the food aid there, while another will go to the refugee camps [in Dadaab] in Kenya."

Receiving the Somaliland delegation at Mogadishu's airport, the city's governor and mayor, Mohamed Ahmed Nur Tarsan, said: "We are glad to receive the delegation from Somaliland, which is here in response to the humanitarian crisis. It is not the amount of their contribution that matters but their empathy is more important."

Somaliland, in the north of the country, is a former British protectorate that joined Italian Somaliland to form the Republic of Somalia in 1960. In 1991, the north-western region declared its independence from the rest of Somalia and has enjoyed relative stability and peace unknown in Mogadishu.


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