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Issue 590-- 18th - 24th May, 2013

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UCID Party Defends Its Chairman

Hargeysa’s Mayor Says Trash-Collecting Companies Do Not Have Enough Vehicles

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SSE’s Statement On The Occasion Of The 22nd Anniversary Of Somaliland Independence

Somaliland: Former BP Boss Tony Hayward Becomes The New Interim Chairman Of Glencore Xstrata

Fighting Against FGM In Somaliland

Somaliland Bans UN Flights In Retaliatory Move

Fighting Maternal Mortality In Somaliland

Somali Podcast Combating Extremist Messages

22nd Anniversary Of Somaliland Independence Celebrations Took Place In Multiple Countries


UN Should Be Held Accountable For Its Criminal Assaults On Somaliland's Sovereignty

Features & Commentary

The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) What It Is And How It Works

Petition: Furthering The International Community’s Support For The Republic Of Somaliland And Help It Get International Recognition

Woman Seeks Asylum: King Of Swaziland Want To Make Me His 14th Virgin Bride

International News


Somaliland: The True Pan-Africanist

Somaliland: 18th May: The Special Day

UCID Party Defends Its Chairman

Hargeysa, Somaliland, May 18, 2013 (SL Times) – UCID party officials gave a press conference at Hargeysa’s Guled Hotel in which they strongly defended their party’s chairman, Faysal Ali Warabe, from criticism that was leveled at him after meeting with Somalia’s president.
Halimo, a representative of UCID’s women wing, said Somaliland and Somalia’s officials meet all the time and here was nothing wrong with UCID’s chairman’s greeting of Somalia’s president.
The Head of UCID party in Maroodi jeeh, Abdirahman Adan Haji Harun, blasted the government accusing it of exaggerating the significance of the meeting between UCID’s Chairman and Somalia’s president.
In addition, Mr Yusuf Kayse condemned what he called the RRU’s attack on civilians in Bur’o then reiterated the call for a conference to discuss the 2015 parliamentary elections, the talks between Somaliland and Somalia, unemployment, and illegal emigration.





















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