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The following pages are extracts taken from an unpublished draft manuscript titled ‘Stars, Seasons and Weather in Somali   Pastoral Traditions’ written by the late Musa. H. I. Galaal (1909-1982). I am currently re-editing and revising this valuable manuscript for future publication which was originally written by Musa. H. I. Galaal (in 1972); a distinguished Somali academician who has produced many pamphlets, essays, periodicals and books on the varied aspects of Somali culture-poetry, folklore, nomadic lifestyle and the vigour and richness of the Somali language.

In acknowledgement of our profound debt to Musa and his life’s work, we will honour him and pay our tribute by featuring in the coming months in Somaliland Times weekly publication extracts taken from his ‘Stars, Seasons and Weather in Somali Pastoral Traditions’ manuscript.

Text in Italics is where I felt a broader meaning or explanations was needed and are of my own words, including illustrations and graphics.

          Your feedback/comments will be most welcomed.

Rashid Mustafa, X. Noor
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